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Perkin, Harold James
The rise of professional society - England since 1880 / Harold Perkin
London ; New York, 1990
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Perkin, Joan
Victorian women / Joan Perkin
London - John Murray, 1993
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Perkins, Bradford
Castlereagh and Adams - England and the United States - 1812-1823 / by Bradford Perkins
Berkeley, etc.
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Perkins, J. F.
3a- Bethyloidea, excluding Chrysididae / by J. F. Perkins
London - published by the Royal entomological society of London, 1976
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Perkins, J. F.
2a2.- Ichneumonoidea - Ichneumonidae, subfamilies Ichneumoninae 2., Alomyinae, Agriotypinae and Lycorininae / by J. F. Perkins
London - published by the Royal entomological society of London, 1960
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Perkins, Maureen
Visions of the future - almanacs, time, and cultural change, 1775-1870 / Maureen Perkins
Oxford - Claredon Press, 1996
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Perkins, Walter Frank
British and Irish writers on agriculture / compiled by Walter Frank Perkins
Lymington - King, 1939
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Perosa, Sergio
Aspetti della fortuna di Virgilio nei paesi di lingua inglese / Sergio Perosa
Napoli - Offic. graf. napoletane, 1986
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Perreault, Melanie
Early english encounters in Russia, West Africa, and the Americas, 1530-1614 / Melanie Perreault
Lewiston etc. - The Edwin Mellen press, c2004
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Perren, Richard
Agriculture in depression, 1870-1940 / prepared for the Economic history society by Richard Perren
Cambridge (etc.) - Cambridge university press, 1995
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Perrin, Christian
Grande Bretagne / etabli par Christian Perrin et Margarete Stillger ; avec la collaboration de Denise Bernard-Folliot et Francoise Vibert-Guigue
Paris - Hachette, c1979
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Perrot, Marguerite
Le monnaie et l'opinion publique en France et en Angleterre de 1924 a 1936 / Marguerite Perrot ; preface de J. M. Jeanneney
Paris - A. Colin, 1955
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Perrucchini, Giannina
Splinters / Giannina Perrucchini
Torino - Loescher, 1992
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Perry, F. W
The Commonwealth armies - manpower and organisation in two world wars / F.W. Perry
Manchester - Manchester University Press, c1988
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Perry, Jane
The fair housing experiment - community relations councils and the housing of minority groups / Jane Perry ; with a foreword by Mark Bonham Carter
London - Political and economic planning, 1973
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