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Residential roads and footpaths - layout considerations
London - HMSO, 1992
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Resources for the teaching of Islam in British schools - an agreed statement
Cambridge - Islamic academy (1986?)
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La responsabilita civile nei sistemi di Common Law
Padova - CEDAM, 1989-
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Restaurant guide ...
Basingstoke - AA
Pubblicazione Periodica

Restitution and the conflict of laws / edited by Francis Rose
Oxford - Mansfield press, 1995
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The Restored monarchy, 1660-1688 / edited by J. R. Jones
London - Macmillan, 1979
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Restructuring within a labour intensive industry - the UK clothing industry in transaction / edited by Ian M. Taplim, Jonathan Winterton
Aldershot (etc.) - Avebury, c1996
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Rethinking British decline / edited by Richard English and Michael Kenny
Basingstoke etc. - Macmillan ; New York - St. Martins press, 2000
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Rethinking criminology - the realist debate / edited by Jock Young and Roger Matthews
London (etc.) - Sage, 1992
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Rethinking English homicide law / edited by Andrew Ashworth and Barry Mitchell
Oxford ; New York, 2000
Saggio Monografico

Rethinking local democracy / edited by Desmond King and Gerry Stoker
Basingstoke ; London - Macmillan, 1996
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Rethinking Victorian culture / edited by Juliet John and Alice Jenkins
London - MacMillan press ; New York - St. Martin?s, 2000
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Return of exports from Great Britain and France to Tunis during the years 1880, 1885, 1890, 1895, & 1897 / presented to the House of parliament by command of Her Majesty
London - HM stationery office, (1899?)
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Return of the names, &c., of prisoners in Abyssinia / presented to the House of Lords by command of Her Majesty
(s.l. - s.n., 1952)
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Return on capital employed techniques in the NHS
?London? - ?The chartered institute of management accountants?, 1992
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