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Harrod, Tanya
The crafts in Britain in the 20. century / Tanya Harrod
(New Haven) - published for the Bard graduate center for studies in the decorative arts by Yale university press, c1999 (Florence - Conti)
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Hart, George (1839-1891)
Le violon - ses luthiers celebres et leurs imitateurs / George Hart ; traduit de l'anglais par Alphonse Royer
Paris - J. Rouam et, (circa 1886
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Hart, George (1839-1891)
Le Violon - ses luthiers celebres et leurs imitateurs / Heorge Hart ; traduit de l'anglaise par Alphonse Royer
Paris - Schott, 1886
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Hart, Herbert L. A.
Causation in the law / by H. L. A. Hart and Tony Honore
Oxford - Clarendon, 1985
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Hart, James S.
Justice upon petition - the House of Lords and the reformation of justice, 1621-1675 / James S. Hart
London - Harper Collins Academic, 1991
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Hart, Jenifer
Proportional representation - critics of the British electoral system - 1820-1945 / Jenifer Hart
Oxford - Clarendon press, 1992
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Hart, Jonathan
Contesting empires - opposition, promotion, and slavery / Jonathan Hart
Basingstoke ; New York - Palgrave, 2005
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Hart, Vaughan
Art and magic in the court of the Stuarts / Vaughan Hart
London ; New York, 1994
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Hart, Vivien
Bound by constitution - women, workers, and the minimum wage / Vivien Hart - Princeton - Princeton university press, 1994
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Hartard, Matthias
Die Europaische wirtschaftliche Interessenvereinigung im deutschen, englischen und franzosischen Recht / von Matthias Hartard
Berlin (etc.) - de Gruyter, 1991
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Hartlage, Bernd
Vergleichende Werbung in England und Deutschland / Bernd Hartlage
Munchen - VVF, 1997
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Hartley, Janet M.
Guide to documents and manuscripts in the United Kingdom relating to Russia and the Soviet Union / Janet M. Hartley
London ; New York, 1987
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Hartridge, Reginald Alfred Rupert
A history of vicarages in the Middle Ages / by R. A. R. Hartridge
Cambridge - Cambridge university press, 1930
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Hartwell, R. M.
La rivoluzione industriale / R. T. Hartwell
Torino - Unione Tipografico Editrice Torinese, c1971
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Hartwell, Ronald Max
La Rivoluzione industriale inglese / Ronald Max Hartwell
Roma ; Bari - Laterza, 1973
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