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Moll, Herman
A new map of Great Britain / according to the newest and most exact observations by Herman Moll
Cornhill - printed and sold by Tho. Bowles, John Bowles and John King, 17..

Moll, J. M. H.
The Heberden Society ; history, portaits and biographies with special referenceto presidents, orators, roundsmen, and honorary members / J.M.H.Moll
London - Chapman and Hall Medical, 1987
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Money, Leo George Chiozza
Riches and poverty / Leo George Chiozza Money
New York ; London, 1980
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Monger, George
The end of isolation - British foreign policy - 1900-1907 / by George Monger
London (etc.) - Thomas Nelson and sons, 1963
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Mongredien, Augustus
Free trade and english commerce / by Augustus Mongredien
London (etc.) - Cassell, Petter, Galpin & co., 1881
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Monod, Paul Kleber
Jacobitism and the English people - 1688-1788 / Paul Kleber Monod
Cambridge etc. - Cambridge University, 1989
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Monroe, Elizabeth
Britain?s moment in the Middle East - 1914-1956 / Elizabeth Monroe
Baltimore - The John Hopkins press, c1963
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Monson, Craig A.
Voices and viols in England, 1600-1650 - the sources and the music / by Craig Monson
Ann Arbor - UMI research press, c1982
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Montagu, Edwin
The means of Victory - a speech delivered by / Edwin Montagu. London - T. Fissher unwin, (1916?)
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Montague, F. C.
The elements of english constitutional history - from the earliest times to the present day / by F. C. Montague
London - Longmans, Green, and Co., 1894
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Montague, Francis C.
The old poor law and the new socialism or pauperism and taxation / by F. C. Montague
London - Cassel & Co, 1886
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Montague, Francis Charles
Technical education - a summary of the report of the Royal commission appointed to inquire into the state of technical instruction / by F. C. Montague ; with a preface by Bernhard Samuelson
London (etc.) - Cassel & company, pref. 1887
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Montalembert, Charles - Forbes, comte de
De l'avenir politique de l'Angleterre / par le comte de Montalembert
Paris - Didier, 1860
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Montecorboli, Emo
Gladstone e l'ambiente politico inglese dell'Ottocento / Emo Montecorboli
Milano - Malfasi, 1946
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Monterisi, Mario
La liberta dei mari e l'Inghilterra - saggio / Mario Monterisi
Milano - Bocca, 1943
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