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Jones Monckton, Mary Evelyn
A source-book of English social history / Mary Evelyn Jones Monckton
London - Methuen, 1922
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Jones, A. M.
Molluscs- caudofoveata, solenogastres, polyplacophora and scaphopoda - keys and notes for the identification of species / A. M. Jones and J. M. Baxter
London (etc) - E. J. Brill ; Dr. W. Backhuys, 1987
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Jones, Bill
British politics today - a students' guide
Manchester - Manchester university press, 1983, stampa 1984
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Jones, C. R.
Ordovician (Llandeilo and Caradoc) beyrichiocope Ostracoda from England and Wales / C. R. Jones
London - Palaeontographical society, 1986-1987
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Jones, Carol A. G.
Expert witnesses - science, medicine and the practice of law / Carol A. G. Jones
Oxford - Clarendon press, 1994
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Jones, Chris
Poverty, welfare and the disciplinary state / Chris Jones and Tony Novak
London (etc.) - Routledge, 1999
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Jones, Christopher
The great palace - the story of parliament / Christopher Jones
London - British Broadcasting Corporation, 1984
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Jones, David J. V.
Crime, protest, community and police in nineteenth-century britain / David Jones
London ; Boston ; Henley, 1982
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Jones, Dwyryd Wyn
War and economy in the age of William 3. and Marlborough / D. W. Jones
Oxford ; New York, 1988
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Jones, E. L.
Agriculture and the industrial revolution / E. L. Jones ; with a foreword by R. M. Hartwell
Oxford - B. Blackwell, copyr. 1974
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Jones, Gareth
The law of restitution - first supplement to the sixth edition - up to date toAugust 20, 2004 / by Gareth Jones
London - Sweet & Maxwell, 2004
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Jones, Gareth
Restitution in public and private law / by Gareth Jones
London - Sweet & Maxwell, 1991
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Jones, Gareth Stedman
Languages of class - studies in English working class history - 1832-1982 / Gareth Stedman Jones
Cambridge etc. - Cambridge University press, 1983
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Jones, Gary
Retailing / Gary Jones
London - Pitman, 1990
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Jones, Geoffrey
British multinational banking - 1830-1990 / Geoffrey Jones
Oxford - Clarendon, 1993
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