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Harrison, J.B.
L' espansione coloniale - L'Asia e l'Africa / J.B. Harrison.
Incluso in > 3- La Controriforma e la rivoluzione dei prezzi (1559-1610) / a cura di Richard Bruce Wernham
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Harrison, John A.
The founding of the Russian Empire in Asia and America / by John A. Harrison
Coral Gables - University of Miami Press, c1971
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Harrison, Martin
Mountain and plain - from the Lycian Coast to the Phrygian plateau in the late Roman and early Byzantine period / by Martin Harrison ; edited by Wendy Young
Ann Arbor - The University of Michigan press, 2001
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Harrison, Selig S.
China, oil, and Asia- conflict ahead / Selig S. Harrison
New York - Columbia University Press, c1977
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Harrison, Thomas
The emptiness of Asia - Aeschylus' Persians and the history of the fifth century / Thomas Harrison
London - Duckworth, c2000
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Harrisson, Barbara
Later ceramics in South-East Asia - sixteenth to twentieth centuries / Barbara Harrisson
Kuala Lumpur etc. - Oxford university press, 1995
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Harrold, Peter
Practical lessons for Africa from East Asia in industrial and trade policies / Peter Harrold, Malathi Jayawickrama, Deepak Bhattasali
Washington - The World bank, 1996
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Hart, Donn V.
An annotated bibliography of theses and dissertations on Asia accepted at Syracuse University, 1907-1963 ..
Syracuse - Syracuse University library, 1964
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Hartog, Mabel Helene
India in outline / by Lady Hartog
Cambridge - at the University Press, 1945
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Harvey, Janet
Traditional textiles of Central Asia - with 262 illustration, 212 in colour, and 2 maps / Janet Harvey
London - Thames and Hudson, c1996
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Hasan, Parvez
Growth and structural adjustment in east Asia / Parvez Hasan
Washington - The world bank, 1982
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Hashimoto, Hidetoshi
The prospects for a regional human rights mechanism in East Asia / Hidetoshi Hashimoto
New York ; London - Routledge, 2004
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Haslund, Henning
Tents in Mongolia (Yabonah) - Adventures and experiences among the nomads of Central Asia / Henning Haslund
London - Kegan Paul Trench Trubner, 1934
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Hasrat, Bikrama Jit
Anglo-Sikh relations, 1799-1849 - a reappraisal of the rise and fall of the Sikhs / Bikrama Jit Hasrat ; with a foreword by C. C. Davies
Horshiarpur - Bikrama Jit Hasrat, 1968
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Hassall, Graham
Asia-Pacific constitutional systems / Graham Hassall, Cheryl Saunders
Cambridge - Cambridge university press, 2002
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