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Hardy, D. Elmo
The Plecia of the Pacific and Southeast Asia (Bibionidae, Diptera) / D. Elmo Hardy
Honolulu - (s.n. , 1958
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Hardy, P.
The muslims of British India / P. Hardy
Cambridge - University press, 1972
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Harl, Kenneth W.
Civic coins and civic politics in the Roman East, A.D. 180-275 / Kenneth W. Harl
Berkeley etc. - University of California Press, ©1987
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Harlan, Josiah
Central Asia, 1823-1841 / personal narrative of General Josiah Harlan ; edited by Frank E. Ross
London - Luzac & Co., 1939
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Harland, Bryce
Collision course - America and East Asia in the past and the future / Bryce Harland
Singapore - Institute of Southeast Asian studies, c1996
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Harland, Philip A.
2- North coast of the Black Sea, Asia Minor / Philip A. Harland
Berlin - De Gruyter, 2014
Incluso in > Greco Roman Associations- texts, translations, and commentary / John S. Kloppenborg, Richard S. Ascough
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Harle, James Coffin
The art and architecture of the Indian subcontinent / J. C. Harle
Harmondsworth etc. - Penguin books, 1986
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Harmatta, János
The holdest Kharosthi inscription in inner Asia / by J. Harmatta
(Budapest - Akadémiai Kiado), 1966
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Harper, Malcolm
L' emploi indépendant- une option pour les handicapés - expériences d'Afrique et d'Asie / Malcolm Harper et Willi Momm
Genève - Bureau international du travail, 1990
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Harrelson, Sam
Asia has claims upon New England - Assyrian reliefs at Yale / Sam Harrelson
New Haven, CT - Yale University Art Gallery, ©2006
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Harris, David R.
Origins of agriculture in western central Asia - an environmental-archaeological study / David R. Harris ; with contributions from Eleni Asouti ... (ed altri)
Philadelphia - University of Pennsylvania, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, c2010
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Harris, John (1667 -1719)
Navigantium atque itinerantium bibliotheca- or, A compleat collection of voyages and travels- consisting of above four hundred of the most authentick writers ...; relating to anypart of Asia, Africa, America, Europe ... With the heads of several of our most considerable Sea-Commanders; and a great number of excellent maps of all parts of the world ... Also an Appendix, of the remarkable accidents at sea ... To which is prefixed, a history of the peopling of the several parts of the world, and particularly of America ... By John Harris ..
London - printed for Thomas Bennet, John Nicholson and Daniel Midwinter, 1705
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Harris, Rachel (musicologa)
The making of a musical canon in Chinese Central Asia - the Uyghur Twelve Muqam / Rachel Harris
Farnham - Ashgate Publishing, 2008. -157 p. - es. mus. ; 24 cm. + 1 cd., 2008. -157 p. - es. mus.
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Harrison, Brian
South-east Asia - a short history / Brian Harrison
London - Macmillan & Co., 1968
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Harrison, Brian
South-East Asia - a short history / by Brian Harrison
London (etc.) - Macmillan &Co., 1964
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