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Handbook of research on Web information systems quality / Coral Calero Munoz, M. Angeles Moraga, Mario Piattini (editors)
Hershey (etc.) - Information science reference, (2008)
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Handbook of semantic web technologies / John Domingue, Dieter Fensel, James A. Hendler (Eds.)
Berlino - Springer, 2011
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Handbook on cultural web user interaction / edited by the Minerva EC Working group Quality, accessibility and usability ; (texts by Rossella Caffo ... ed altri)
(Luogo di pubblicazione non indicato ) - Minerva EC Project, 2008
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3- Health and wellness ; life stages and reproduction ; cumulative index / edited by P.F. Anderson and Nancy J. Allee
New York - Neal-Schuman Publishers, c2004
Incluso in > The Medical Library Association encyclopedic guide to searching and finding health information on the Web / edited by P.F. Anderson and Nancy J. Allee
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High-performance Web databases - design, development, and deployment / editor, Sanjiv Purba
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History of science technology and medicine . - Mountain View (California) - research Libraries Group, c1993- .' Quadrimestrale. - Modalita' d'accesso- Internet via World Wide Web. URL- http-// . -'home page. - Banca dati che integra 4 fonti bibliografiche- Isis current bibliography of the History of science, Current bibliography in the History of technology, Bibliografia italiana di storia della scienza, Wellcome Library for the History and understanding medicine. - Copertura bibliografica dal 1975.
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Hot text - web writing that works / Jonathan Price and Lisa Price
Indianapolis, Ind. - New Riders, c2002
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House design - Regina Pizzinini & Leon Luxemburg / Text by Michael Web ; foreword by Buzz Yudell
Victoria - The Image Pub. Group, 1998
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How the web was won - conquering the digital frontier
Redmond - Microsoft press, 1998
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How to program, 2/E - introducing.Net and Web Services / H.M.Deitel, P.J.Deitel, T.R.Nieto
Upper Saddle River - Prentice Hall, c2002
Incluso in > The complete visual basic. Net - training course / Deitel, Deitel & Nieto
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HTML 4 for the world wide web / by Elizabeth Castro
Berkeley (Ca.) - Peachpit press, c1998
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HTML - il linguaggio delle pagine Web per Internet
Bresso - Jackson libri, 1996
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HTML sviluppo web - corso completo - livello 1, livello 2
Milano - Telento lilbri education & trainign, 2001
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Human factors and web development / edited by Chris Forsythe, Eric Grose, Julie Ratner
Mahwah (NJ) ; London - Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1998
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Human rights in the web of governance - towards a learning-based fundamental rights policy for the European Union / edited by Olivier De Schutter and Violeta Moreno Lax
Bruxelles - Bruylant, 2010
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