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Period: 1988-1989

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Davis, Miles
The musings of Miles / Miles Davis
Berkeley - Prestige, c1989
Monographic text

Davis, Miles
Steamin' with the Miles Davis quintet / Miles Davis
Berkeley, Ca - Prestige, c1989
Audio recording

Davis, Norbert
The adventures of Max Latin - a Dime detective book / by Norbert Davis ; introduction by John D. MacDonald
New York ; London - The Mysterious Press, 1988
Monographic text

Davis, Percival
Of pandas and people - the central question of biological origins / Percival Davis, Dean H. Kenyon ; Charles B. Thaxton academic editor
Dallas, Texas. - Haughton Publishing Company, 1989
Monographic text

Davis, Ruth E.
Truth, deduction, and computation - logic and sematics for computer science / R. E. Davies
New York - Computer science press, c1989
Monographic text

Davis, Steven I.
Managing change in the excellent banks / Steven I. Davis
New York - St. Martin, 1989
Monographic text

Davis, Sue
Justice rehnquist and the constitution / Sue Davis
Princeton - Princeton University Press, 1989
Monographic text

Davis, Susan Schaefer
Adolescence in a moroccan town - making social sense / Susan Schaefer Davis and Douglas A. Davis
New Brunswick ; London - Rutgers University Press, copyr. 1989
Monographic text

Davis, W. G.
Dutch gulch outlet works Cottonwood creek, California - hydraulic model investigation / W. G. Davis
Sacramento (California) - U. S. Army Engineer District, 1989
It's a part of > Technical report HL
Monographic text

Davis, Wade
Passage of darkness - the ethnobiology of the Haitian zombie / Wade Davis
Chape Hill - University of North Carolina press, 1988
Monographic text

Davis, William Hersey
Beginners grammar of the Greek New Testament / by William Hersey Davis
San Francisco - Harper & Row, pref. 1942
Monographic text

Davis-Goff, Annabel
Walled gardens - scenes from an Anglo-irish childhood / Annabel Davis-Goff
New York - Knopf, 1989
Monographic text

Davisha, Karen
Eastern Europe, Gorbachev and Reform - The Great Challenge / Karen Dawisha
Cambridge - Cambridge University Press, 1988
Monographic text

Davison, Jean
Voices from Mutira - lives of rural gikuyu women / Jean Davison ; with the women of Mutira
Boulder ; London - Lynne Rienner, 1989
Monographic text

Davison, Michael
the Matching law - a research review / Michael Davison, Dianne McCarthy
Hillsdale, N.J. (etc.) - LEA, c1988
Monographic text

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