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Globalization the city and civil society in pacific Asia - the social production of civic spaces / edited by MikeDouglass, K.C. Ho and Giok Ling Ooi
London ; New York - Routledge, 2008
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Globalization, localization, and Japanese studies in the Asia-Pacific region
Kyoto - International research center for Japanese studies, 2010
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Globalizing Japan - ethnography of the Japanese presence in Asia, Europe and America / edited by Harumi Befu and Sylvie Guichard-Anguis
London (etc.) - Routledge, 2001
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Gnosis on the Silk Road - Gnostic texts from Central Asia / translated and presented by Hans-Joachim Klimkeit
San Francisco - Harper, 1994
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Go go tales / scritto e diretto da Abel Ferrara ; musiche di Francis Kuipers ; fotografia Fabio Cianchetti ; prodotto da Massimo Gatti
Milano - Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2008

God our Ma/Fathers Korean womens Church - (women's Church in Asia- voices of the silent ones) / Kim Jeong Ja Leo, LSHF.
Incluso in > Ecclesia of women in Asia - gathering the voices of the silenced / editors Evelyn Monteiro, Antoniette Gutzler
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Godhead here in hiding - incarnation and the history of human suffering / edited by Terrence Merrigan, Frederik Glorieux
Leuven (etc.) - Peeters, 2012
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Godisnik na Sofijskija universitet Sv. Kliment Ohridski, Geologo-geografski fakultet. Kniga 1, Geologija
Sofija - Presses universitaires St. Kliment Ohridski
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The gods at play - Lila in South Asia / edited by William S. Sax
New York (etc.) - Oxford University press, 1995
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Gods, thrones, and peacocks - northern indian painting from two traditions- fifteenth to nineteenth centuries - Asia house gallery, september 23-december 12, 1965, The baltimore museum of art, january 18-february 27, 1966, Munson-William-proctor institute, Utica, New York, april 3-may 15, 1966 / (a cura di) Stuart Cary Welch, Milo Cleveland Beach, The Asia society
(New York) - The Asia society, c1965
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Golden arches East - McDonald's in East Asia / edited by James L. Watson
Stanford (Ca) - Stanford university press, c1997
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Golden arches East - McDonald's in East Asia / edited by James L. Watson
Stanford (Ca) - Stanford university press, 2006
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Golden Film Catalogue / Media Asia Distribution Ltd
Hong Kong - Media Asia Distribution Ltd, (dopo il 1992
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Golden guide to South & East Asia / edited by P.H.M. Jones
Hongkong - Far Eastern Economic Review, c1971
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Good governance in the era of global neoliberalism - conflict and depolitization in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa / edited by Jolle Dememrs, Alex E. Fernandez-Jilberto, Barbara Hogenboom
London and New York - Routledge, 2005
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