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Experimental essays on Chuang-tzu / Edited by Victor H.Mair
Hawaii - University of HawaiiPress, c1983
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Explaining south Asia's development success - the role of good policies / Sadiq Ahmed
.Washington, DC - World Bank, c2006
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Explorations in the history of south Asia - essays in honour of Dietmar Rothermund / edited by Georg Berkemer ... (ed altri)
New Delhi - Manohar, 2001
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Exploring Maritime - cooperation in Northeast Asia- possibility and prospects / edited by Dalchoong Kim ... ed altri
Seul - Institute of East and West studies, Yonsei University, 1994
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Export processing zones and industrial employment in Asia - papers and proceedings of a technical workshop / edited by Eddy Lee
Bangkok - International organisation Asian employment programme, 1984
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Expozitie de "Etnografie si arta populara din Africa, America, Asia, Austrlia, Oceania" din colectiile muzeelor din R. S. Romania - catalog 1979-1980
(Luogo di pubblicazione non indicato - s. n., 979
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Expressions & evocations - contemporary women artists of India / edited by Gayatri Sinha
Bombay - Marg, 1996
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Expropriation of minority shareholders - evidence of East Asia / Stijn Claessens ... (ed altri)
Washington - World bank, 1999
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The extended metropolis - settlement transition in Asia / edited by Norton Ginsburg, Bruce Koppel, T. G. McGee
Honolulu - University of Hawaii press, c1991
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External debt management and the debt situation in the ESCWA Region - Case studies on Jordan and Lebanon / United Nations - Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
New York - United Nations, 2004
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2- The external dimensions
Jaipur - Printwell, 1986
Incluso in > Government and politics in South Asia - a book of readings / edited by P. C. Mathur
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External liberalization in Asia, postsocialist Europe, and Brazil / edited by Lance Taylor
New York - Oxford university press, c2006
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External research. Asia - a list of current social science research by private scholars and academic centers
Washington - External research staff, U.S. department of state
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External research. East Asia - a list of studies currently in progress
Washington - Department of state, Division of external research & publications
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External Research. South Asia - A List of Studies currently in progress
Washington - Department of State, Bureau of intelligence and Research; Division of External Research & Publications
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