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Conflict and accommodation in early modern East Asia - essays in honour of Erik Zürcher / edited by Leonard Blussé and Harriet T. Zurndorfer
Leiden (etc. - Brill, 1993
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Conflict and social order in Tibet and inner Asia / edited by Fernanda Pirie, Toni Huber
Leiden ; Boston - Brill, 2008
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Conflict management, security and intervention in East Asia - third-party mediation in regional conflict / edited by Jacob Bercovitch, Kwei-Bo Huang, Chung-Chian Teng
London and New York - Routledge, 2008
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Conflict over natural resources in South-East Asia and the Pacific / edited by Lim Teck Ghee and Mark J. Valencia
Tokyo - United nations university press ; Singapore - Oxford university press, 1990
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Conflict prevention and management in Northeast Asia - the Korean peninsula and Taiwan strait in comparison / edited by Niklas Swanstrom, Sofia Ledberg and Alec Forss
Newcastle upon Tyne - Cambridge Scholars, 2010
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4- Conflict, cleavage, and change in Central Asia and the Caucasus / edited by Karen Dawisha and Bruce Parrott
Cambridge (etc. - Cambridge university press, 1997
Incluso in > Democratization and authoritarianism in postcommunist societies / editors Karen Dawisha, Bruce Parrott
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Il conflitto indo-pakistano e le sue ripercussioni internazionali - dibattito svoltosi con l'intervento degli Ambasciatori Cristoforo Fracassi ... ed altri
Roma - Circolo di studi diplomatici, 1972
Incluso in > Dialoghi diplomatici
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Confronting environmental change in East and Southeast Asia - eco-politics, foreign policy and sustainable development / edited by Paul G. Harris
London - Earthscan, c2005
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Confronting environmental change in east and southeast Asia - eco-politics, foreign policy, and sustainable development / edited by Paul G. Harris
Tokyo - United Nations University Press, c2005
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Un confronto tra procedure per l'aggiornamento dell'archivio statistico delle imprese attive (asia) / Marco Ballin ... ed altri
Roma - ISTAT, 1997
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Confucian traditions in East Asian modernity - moral education and economic culture in Japan and the four mini-dragons / edited by Tu Wei-ming
Cambridge, (MA) ; London - Harvard university press, 1996
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The confucian world observed - a contemporary discussion of confucian humanism in East Asia / edited by Tu Weiming, Milan Hejtmanek, Alan Wachman
Honolulu - Program for Cultural Studies the East-West Center, 1993
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Confucianism and democratization in East Asia / Doh Chull Shin
New York - Cambridge University Press, 2012
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Confucianism in context - classic philosophy and contemporary issues, East Asia and beyond / edited by Wonsuk Chang and Leah Kalmanson
Albany - State University of New York Press, 2010
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Congo - (lucha armada contra demagogia seudonacionalista)
(La Habana) - Secretariado ejecutivo de la OSPAAAL, (dopo il 1966)
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