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Berger, Ernst
Der neue Amazonenkopf im Basler Antikenmuseum / Ernst Berger
Basel - Vereinigung der Freunde Antiker Kunst, 1967
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Berger, Frank
Die Fundmunzen der romischen Zeit in Deutschland / begrundet von Hans Gebhart und Konrad Kraft ; herausgegeben von Maria R.-Alfoldi
Berlin - Gebr. Mann, 1960-
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Berger, Gustav A.
Conservation of paintings - research and innovations / Gustav Berger with William H. Russel
London - Archetype publications, 2000
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Berger, Harry (jr.)
The absence of grace - sprezzatura and suspicion in two Renaissance courtesy books / Harry Berger, Jr
Stanford - Stanford University Press, 2000
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Berger, Harry (jr.)
Fictions of the Pose - Rembrandt against the Italian Renaissance / Harry Berger, jr
Stanford - Stanford University Press, 2000
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Berger, Helge
Central bank independence- an update of theory and evidence / Helge Berger, Jakob de Haan, Sylvester C. W. Eijffinger
London - Centre for economic policy research, 2000
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Berger, Jan
Przeklady Kasprowicza / Jan Berger
Poznan - Towarzystwo przyjaciol nauk, 1948-
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Berger, Jean-François
Dans l'ombre de Tito - entretiens avec le General Vladimir Velebit / propos recueillis par Jean-Francois Berger ; preface de Michael Ignatieff
Geneve - Editions Slatkine ; Ferney-Voltaire - Sodifer, c2000
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Berger, John
King - a street story / John Berger
London - Bloomsbury, 2000
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Berger, Klaus Peter
The new german arbitration law in international perspective / Klaus Peter Berger . Jurisdiction and foreign judgments in civil and commercial matters - the draft convention proposed by The Hague conference on private international law / Catherine Kessedjian
The Hague - Kluwer law international, c2000
Incluso in > Forum internationale
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Berger, Konrad (giurista)
Die Kosten der Aufsichtsratstätigkeit in der Aktiengesellschaft / Konrad Berger
Frankfurt am Main ; Berlin (etc.) - Lang, 2000
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Berger, Lance A.
The compensation handbook - a state-of-the-art guide to compensation strategy and design
New York - McGraw-Hill, 2000
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Berger, Lee R.
In the footsteps of Eve - the mystery of human origins / Lee R. Berger with Brett Hilton-Barber
Washington, D.C. - National Geographic Society, c2000
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Berger, Marcel (matematico ; 1927-)
Riemannian geometry during the second half of the twentieth century / Marcel Berger
Providence, Rhode Island - American Mathematical society, c2000
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Berger, Martin A.
Man made - Thomas Eakins and the construction of Gilded Age Manhood / Martin A. Berger
Berkeley etc. - University of California press, 2000
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