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Lindgren, Ingvar
Atomic many-body theory / I. Lindgren, J. Morrison
Berlin (etc.) - Springer-Verlag, 1982
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Lindgren, Margareta
The People of Pylos - propopographical and methodological studies in the Pylos Archives
Upsala - Universitet, 1973- .
Incluso in > Boreas .
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Lindgren, Torgny
Ormens vag pa halleberget / Torgny Lindgren
Stockholm - Norstedts, c1982
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Lindhardt, Poul Georg
3/M3- Skandinavische Kirchengeschichte seit dem 16. Jahrhundert / Poul Georg Lindhardt
Göttingen - Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, c1982
Incluso in > Die Kirche in ihrer Geschichte - ein Handbuch / begrundet von Kurt Dietrich Schmidt und Ernst Wolf ; hrsg. von Bernd Moeller
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Lindholm, Ralf V.
The bone-nailing surgeon G.B.G. Kuntscher and the Finns - a historical review of wartime collaboration and its consequences, 1942-1981 / Ralf V. Lindholm
Oulu (Finland) - University of Oulu, 1982
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Lindlar, Heinrich
Lubbes Strawinsky lexikon / Heinrich Lindlar
Bergisch Gladbach - Gustav Lubbe, c1982
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Lindley, Keith
Fenland riots and english revolution / Keith Lindley
London - Heinemann Educational books, 1982
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Lindsay, Oliver
At the going down of the sun - Hong Kong and South-East Asia, 1941-1945 / Oliver Lindsay
London - Sphere books, 1982
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Lindsey, Darryl
The design & drafting of printed circuits / by Darril Lindsey
New York etc. - McGraw-Hill, c1982
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Lindsey, David L.
Senza pieta_/ David Lindsey
Milano - Edizione Club, 1992
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Lindstrom, Eric
The swedish parliamentary system - how responsabilities are divided and decisions are made / (Eric Lindstrom)
Stockholm - The Swedish Institute, 1982
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Lindtner, Christian
Adversaria Buddhica / by Christian Lindtner
(Luogo di pubblicazione non indicato - s.n., 1982
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Lindtner, Christian
Nagarjunas filosofiske vaerker / C. Lindtner
Kobenhavn - Akademisk forlag, 1982
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Lindtner, Christian
Nagarjuniana - studies in the writings and philosophy of Nagarjuna / by Chr. Lindtner
Copenhagen - Akademisk forlag, 1982
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Lindvall, Lars
Jean Renart et Galeran de Bretagne - etude sur un probleme d'attribution de textes - structures syntaxiques et structures stylistiques dans quelques romans d'aventures francais / Lars Lindvall
Stockholm - Almqvist & Wiksell international, 1982
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